Case Studies

In our first deployment, we achieved stunning results!   According to Tony Lent, Broadstripe’s Chief Commercial Officer, the results of launching this technology were truly amazing including:

  • The number of calls/sub/month dropped 39% in the first month and the reduced call volume is continuing to hold at this level three months after deployment.   The company believes that additional videos would result in even greater savings.
  • Customer satisfaction improved by 50%
  • Calls handled per hour by the call center doubled because longer calls are now handled by the video system
  • Company’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) has doubled since the system was introduced
  • CSR job satisfaction increased because many routine calls are handled by our automated video system
  • CSR’s have increased up-sale activities and RGU sales are up by about 25%
  • Call Center costs have dropped precipitously and those savings began immediately upon launch.   The investment the company made in this technology was completely returned in direct call center cost savings in less than one month

Tony Lent of Broadstripe has graciously agreed to discuss these results with any interested 24 Seven CSR customer.   You can contact Tony through Broadstripe’s main office – (734) 679-4747

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