CSR Videos

At 24 Seven CSR – we specialize in creating informative and compelling videos that help your customers solve their own problems themselves ……… outside the call center environment.    We leverage the power of video to remove calls from the call center, 24/7 365/days a year.   Customers can get clear answers to their most difficult technical or business questions immediately anytime – without waiting in long queues.    Just turn our service on and everybody wins!

First, customers get faster service with a technology that allows them to actually see action steps that need to be performed to fix problems.   Because the videos are clear, high quality, and entertaining – your customer perceives self-help video service to be better, faster, and easier to understand than talking to a call center agent who is trying to describe something complex with no visual references.   Viewers also can start and stop or even replay a video multiple times learning at their own pace without embarrassment ………………………… and they especially like not waiting in the on-hold phone queue.

Second, call center agents are happier because many of the routine calls get handled elsewhere leaving them the more complicated and challenging problems.   Agents report that their jobs are more interesting and happier agents stay longer.

Third, your company eliminates expensive call center interactions costing between $5 and $25 a piece with our new video technology that costs a fraction of agent handled calls.    The savings can be astronomical.    24 Seven clients report up to 36% decreases in calls being handled by their call centers within a month of implementing our systems.

In addition to all these benefits, our videos can richly depict the messaging, tone, image, and re-inforce the brand values of your company ……….. communicating uniformly and consistently to your entire customer base.    Videos can be made in English, Spanish, or whatever other language you need to support your subscribers.    Every person sees the correct way to solve a particular problem so fixes are fast and accurate.    As you launch new services, devices, and products, just add more videos and avoid expensive agent training costs.    The scalability and independence of the technology means that customers can answers to questions even when your call center is overwhelmed with outages or other unplanned loads.

The range of subject matter areas that can be handled is virtually limitless.  We’ve made videos that explain how to operate devices, configure software, test equipment, and understand a monthly bill.    We’ve used the power of video to show customers how to experiment with new technologies while working in messages about other products that might interest them.    Most importantly, our videos feature a consistent look, feel, and user interface that enables customers to explore your service offerings, solve complex problems, and explain difficult concepts.

If you’re interested in learning more about how you could save tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, and possibly millions of dollars a month in care costs while increasing customer satisfaction starting the first month you launch our service, please call us right now.  We’ll even host the service on our servers to expedite launch.

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