24 Seven is a full service company. In addition to providing videos, we provide the following important services:

Custom Video Development

In addition to our standard pre-packaged videos, we can produce custom tailored videos for you.  Many operators want to showcase their brand, color palette, company specific voice talent and/or theme music in our care videos ….   We’re happy to do this for you!     At other times, our customers have specific unique needs requiring the production of a single use situational video.   For example, one customer asked us to create a video explaining the upcoming changes to subscriber bills in connection with a billing system conversion.   We’re happy to report that this custom video prevented thousands of people from calling when the new bills hit – thereby saving our client a fortune in call center costs!

Video Hosting

Since the demand for our videos can be very high, many operators experience higher than normal activity loads on their existing web sites.    If not properly managed, the result is “stuttering” 24 Seven CSR video and slow overall operator website performance.    We offer a service wherein we host our video play out on our own site.    We do this seamlessly – without forcing subscribers “to leave your own site” – so they believe that our care videos are coming directly from you.    This service insures your subscribers have the highest quality viewing experience and immediate play out response all times.    It also simplifies 24 Seven CSR launch and maintenance – since it eliminates dependence on your internal IT department to build, monitor, and maintain web servers and bandwidth as demand increases.


Getting the maximum savings from 24 Seven CSR technologies depends on three factors:

  • Creating Awareness of the availability of automated services using informational channels like bill stuffers, IVR on hold messages, :30 TV spots, email or text messages, and welcome kits. Subscribers need to know the service is available to handle their needs immediately.
  • Determining what topics and issues need to be addressed in your particular situation to remove the maximum number of calls from your call center.
  • Ensuring that the videos are working to maximum effectiveness for your subscribers and if not, identifying what needs to be done to improve that effectiveness.

Our analytics department exists to figure out what videos to run, measuring effectiveness, and determining the awareness of the service.

Revenue Increase Opportunities

Our technology makes it possible to re-task your existing CSR team to up-sale as well as showcase new operator technologies and products. Our specialists can help you identify these opportunities and design effective programs to implement them.

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